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Letting the Real You Shine Through: How Fashion, Make-up and Shoes Can Help

Today I have a guest writer named Jackie Clark. She does outreach for the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance, the leading web resource center for Mesothelioma Cancer.

Her blog: 

Enjoy and be inspired!


Fashion and make-up have been much maligned as being at fault for negatively affecting women.  There is an idea that being fashion-conscious or interested in make-up and funky shoes can lead to insecurity in women.  While this can be true, the effects of being interested in fashion and make-up can also very positively impact a woman.  Wearing fashionable clothes, using make-up to help improve appearance and wearing a great pair of cool looking yet comfortable shoes can be quite empowering, especially when these things are a representation of a woman’s true personality.


Getting dressed up can be the switch that turns feeling down into feeling great. When feeling down, it is a struggle to spend time choosing flattering, beautiful, stylish clothes to wear and applying make-up, but it is a very worthy time investment when it results in mood changes and the reflection in the mirror elicits that elusive smile.

Samantha Jones from Sex and the City. In season 6 Samantha finds out she has Brest Cancer. She is an extremely inspiring woman, and fashionable!

Any woman can benefit from this, but particularly women undergoing cancer treatment benefit most.  The possible visible side effects of cancer treatments include loss of hair, skin problems, and nail problems. Additionally, skin might look sallow from effects such as nausea and anemia.  Battling cancer and dealing with the side effects can take a toll on a woman’s emotions, making her feel even worse about the situation.  They can all combine to make a woman feel truly uncomfortable in her own skin. And while most of these side effects are temporary, they still impact a woman emotionally.  However, something as fun and simple as wearing fashionable clothes and using make-up to help regain the look of a healthy, happy glow can effectively combat those negative feelings.


For example, a woman receiving treatment for mesothelioma cancer or from any other type of cancer might find her spirits waning when she looks in the mirror and does not recognize herself.  Though she knows these are the side effects of the treatment helping to eliminate the cancer, she still struggles with the physical changes.  This is where fashion and make-up help to lift those spirits up. Clothes that fit, feel great, and look great help women feel more confident when facing life’s obstacles.  In the same fashion, taking the time to apply some face powder or bronzer to create a rosy glow, highlight the eyes with liner, mascara and shadow and use lipstick or gloss to create full, luscious lips can give a woman the boost she needs to go out into the world with a strong fighting spirit.


Fashion, shoes and make-up are complements to a woman’s personality, helping the real her shine through, particularly when her body is undergoing changes due to cancer treatments.  The value of being able to look in the mirror and love oneself is priceless and infuses a woman with strength and confidence to face head-on any challenge that life might throw at her.