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What your favorite Disney Prince says about you?

If you have a favorite prince I think this reflects what type of man you want to marry/date. I feel everyone has looked up their favorite Disney prince; at least I have. In my search I have come across some MAJOR negative descriptions. So me being a hopeless romantic who loves Disney I wanted a positive description of my prince BUT I also love sarcasm. So I am going to give the pros and cons of each Prince. And I added one con for the peeps who hate Disney. Also I have all 18 princes. I included all the actual princes, heroes, etc. Enjoy!



If Prince Aladdin is your favorite I bet you want a guy who likes to have a lot of fun and you like that he becomes a prince instead of born one. You’re adventurous and you want a guy who will get dirty with you while camping or snorkeling. Prince Aladdin is clever, street-smart, funny and resourceful. Your man/Aladdin is a great friend; he frees Genie with his last wish. He gives away the bread (he stole) to 2 children. Prince Aladdin worked very hard for Jasmine. He lied because he was worried his status would repel Jasmine. Your guy is going to work hard for you. (Note most men that lie are liars not an Aladdin)

Pros: Fun, great friend, resourceful, clever, cares for children and animals.

Cons: He’s not a breadwinner, not book smart and he may think he doesn’t deserve you.

For people who hate Disney: He rubs a lamp and talks to monkeys. He is a crackhead!



The Beast is the reformed bad boy that girls want. Your guy will definitely be able to protect you from anything (especially from wolves and creepy guys who don’t get the hint). Beast is definitely the first Disney prince to have complexity in his character. He starts out as a bad guy. He was vain, arrogant and had no love in his heart. Beast, however, has compassion and truly demonstrates how a man can be changed by a woman’s love. (Note when a man says he has changed, remember action speaks louder than words).

Pros: Protective, compassionate, loves intelligent women and has depth.

Cons: Moody, probably has a past and may not be the best looking guy on the block.

For people who hate Disney: Beastiality!!!!


Prince Eric

This guy doesn’t scream I am a prince. Eric/your guy is obviously humble. Eric blushes at his own statue, he works hard on the boats and he doesn’t wear prince clothes. Eric is caring. He takes this poor, mute girl into his care. He could have turned her into some asylum. (She uses a fork as a brush) He is patient. He could have married the princesses mentioned but doesn’t. He falls in love with a woman who has a voice! He wants real love. Remember Ariel is practically naked when Eric finds her and yet he doesn’t take advantage because she doesn’t have her voice. He even has a cute dog named Max. Also the scene where Ariel is singing to Eric and he is coming to always reminds me of WWII soldiers falling in love with the nurses who took care of them. (Note he allows himself to be cursed by an evil witch.)

Pros: Caring, patient, humble and very good-looking.

Cons: He is stubborn and easily influenced.

For people who hate Disney: May not be spiritually sound. Made a girl get plastic surgery!


Flynn Rider (Tangled)

Flynn is the cutie pie in the group! He is so charming and cute. Your guy is funny and betters himself to be with you. At first Flynn is taking Rapunzel to the castle only to get his crown and jewels back but slowly he falls in love with the quirky, confident princess. He plans on giving up his riches for his new love but plans go wrong! He rescues Rapunzel and even gets stabbed for it. How caring! Of course Rapunzel ends up saving him too. Flynn reminds me of a man who shares the pants with his woman.

Pros: Funny, charming, cute and caring.

Cons: A pushover and egotistical.

For people who hate Disney: Attention Whore! Why does he narrate Rapunzel’s story?!


Captain Li Shang

Captain Li Shang has the best songs! Shang is a hard worker and athletic. Look at those abs! He whips his men into shape. Shang/your man is very focused and always knows what task needs to be done. When he realizes his father’s army is destroyed he comes up with a strategy fast but he also may harbor feelings in. He humbles himself by sparing Mulan’s life in front of his army (think of the times) and then later on allowing her to come up with a plan.

Pros: Intelligent, hard worker, athletic, humble and a good leader.

Cons: By-the-book, workaholic and lacks emotions at times.

For people who hate Disney: He digs transvestites and curves.


Prince Charming (Cinderella)

Prince Charming was in the presence of multiple beautiful, rich women when he eyes Cinderella. Your man/Prince Charming knows what he wants and goes after it. And he is a great dancer! He wants Cinderella no matter what her status is, he is not concerned with what others think. He is so determined to find her he is willing to go through the entire kingdom to find her. You know he spoiled Cinderella rotten for the rest of her life.

Pros: Wealthy, determined, good dancer and knows what he wants in a woman.

Cons: Spoiled and possibly superficial.

For people who hate Disney: He is a pompous snob.


Dimitri (Anastasia)

No Dimitri is not Disney in fact he’s 20th Century Fox but a lot of people assume he’s Disney so…

Dimitri is brave even as a young boy. He helps Anastasia and her grandmother escape during a dangerous riot. His bravery carries throughout his life. Dimitri had to grow up quick therefore becoming very independent. Your man doesn’t need anyone else but wants you! Dimitri cameos up with a elaborate scheme meaning he’s creative even if it is for naughty reasons. Your man is probably just as witty and quick as Dimitri is.

Pros: Brave, independent, creative and witty.

Cons: Cunning, good liar and stubborn.

For people who hate 20th Century Fox: He is a con artist who’s willing to lie to you about your whole life.


Prince Naveen (The Princess and the Frog)

Prince Naveen is the sexiest prince in the group. Girl you have a hottie! Your man is playful and loves women. Prince Naveen is a flirt and laid-back. He is thinks he is hot even as a frog, that’s some confidence! Prince Naveen also has a sweet side that wants to please Tiana. He is so nervous and cute preparing her dinner later on in the movie. Your man is going to aim to please you once you have captured his heart.

Pros: Confident, a flirt, playful and sexy.

Cons: Flirt, will always be hit on by other women and will get married later in life.

For people who hate Disney: He is going to cheat on you or give you an STD.


John Smith

John Smith is a manly man. I think he’s the manliest of all the princes. Your man is woodsy and loves nature. John Smith wants adventure in the new land. John, in the beginning, comes off as arrogant and thinks he knows everything there is to know; but when he meets Pocahontas his heart changes. He tries his hardest to keep the peace between the two groups. He almost gives his life for a man he hardly knows; because it is his love’s dad.

Pros: Open-minded, good heart, adventurous and manly.

Cons: Arrogant and cocky.

For people who hate Disney: He is going to die before you can get together. 


The Prince

He is known as The Prince, the very first one. He does not get a lot of character development or a name but we can tell a lot about him by the woman he loves, Snow White. Snow White is naive, old fashioned and caring. Deduction reasoning tells us The Prince is a traditionalist, caring and patient. When one dates a naive person you have to be patient. Snow White was with 7 men! The Prince/your man is obviously not the jealous type and very trusting. However he is only in the beginning and end of the movie making me think he is the workaholic type.

Pros: Trusting, traditionalist, caring and patient.

Cons: Traditionalist, workaholic and has better lips than most women.

For people who hate Disney: Necrophiliac!



Mufasa is a King but he is MUFASA! Mufasa is a well respected leader. His wife loves him, his son loves him and his kingdom loves him. He cares for his son so much. He is only on screen for a short time but is very influential and wise. Your man is going to be intelligent and knowledgeable. Mufasa reminds me of the older men/silver foxes women love.

Pros: Great leader, wise, good daddy and lovable.

Cons: Trusts an obvious deviant, jealous brother named SCAR!

For people who hate Disney: Beastiality!! 2nd time


Prince Philip

Prince Philip is very courageous. He takes on one of the scariest villains of all time, Maleficent, to rescue Sleeping Beauty. Your man will be willing to fight all goons, goblins and dragons to just kiss you. He does not care about status because he falls in love with what he thinks is a peasant girl, Sleeping Beauty. Philip/your man is romantic. After all the hard work Philip goes through he finds his love sleeping, doomed, and out of loss kisses her.

Pros: Courageous, not superficial and romantic.

Cons: Possibly an adrenaline junkie and naive.

For people who hate Disney: He kisses a sleeping woman. Pervert!



Simba has a great life as a prince but then tragedy hits. Simba runs away from his problems and enjoys life with his 2 new friends. Your man might have had a tragedy in his life but he didn’t let it destroy him. Simba learns and listens to Rafiki. Simba might have been a bit stubborn about it, but in the end he steps up and becomes the leader the kingdom needs. Simba attempts to spare Scar’s life showing how forgiving he is.

Pros: Good listener, forgiving, brave and a good leader.

Cons: Stubborn and avoids problems.

For people who hate Disney: Beastiality!! 3rd time


Robin Hood

Robin Hood is the most political of the princes. He risks reputation and life for what he thinks is right. Your man is probably heavy into volunteering/activism and politics. Robin Hood and Maid Marian were childhood sweethearts. Robin Hood enters in an archery contest, dangerous because he is wanted, to win a kiss and see Maid Marian again. Brave and romantic! Robin Hood robs the evil Prince John to help the poor. Your man probably hates injustice and deeply cares for people.

Pros: Brave, believes in justice, romantic and activist.

Cons: Thief, activist and cocky.

For people who hate Disney: Beastiality!! 4th time, I see a theme!  



Definitely the strongest of the bunch. I take it your man is possibly built like a NFL linebacker. Hercules is one heck of a determined man. He seeks after Phil to train, in order to be the best. He works hard for what he wants. Your man is an enthusiast for whatever his dreams are and you. Hercules sacrifices himself three times for Meg. First time he gave up his powers, 2nd time he almost gave up his life, 3rd time he gave up his godness; all for Meg.

Pros: Sacrificing, strong, enthusiastic and determined.

Cons: Obsessive behavior, conceited and breaks bro code.

For people who hate Disney: He takes steroids, small dick!



Tarzan is a wild man! He reminds me of a skateboarder or a snow boarder guy with dreads. Tarzan is also a family man. He loves his mom and yearns to get respect from Kerchak. He loves Jane and Mr. Porter. One of Tarzan’s best qualities is his love for learning. When the Porters come Tarzan wants to learn as much as he can from them. He is so cute lying awake waiting to begin. When Kerchak is killed by Clayton, Tarzan could have easily sought revenge. Instead Tarzan actually tries to warn Clayton about the vines wrapping around his neck.

Pros: Family-oriented, likes learning, muscles and forgiving.

Cons: No fashion-sense, naive and there may be some communication problems.

For people who hate Disney: You know his hands and feet are disgusting! Poor hygiene!


Milo Thatch (Atlantis)

Milo is the most faithful of the bunch. He believes Atlantis is real, even at the expense of his reputation. Milo is laughed at and pushed around for a good majority of the movie. Your man is probably very faithful and sound in what he believes. Milo is extremely intelligent. When the city is discovered, Commander Lyle betrays him and puts Atlantis in danger. Milo is loyal to the Atlantean people and Kida. He is brave; even when the odds are against him. Your man is not afraid to fight, even if he is alone. (Note he gets one of the hottest wives in Disney.)

Pros: Intelligent, faithful, brave and loyal.

Cons: Clumsy, physically weak and easily intimidated.

For people who hate Disney: NERD!!!!!!!


Peter Pan

Peter Pan and Wendy represent young love. Peter Pan is a very imaginative young boy. He loves having adventures with his Lost Boys. He likes having fun and exploring. Peter Pan is heroic as he battles Captain Hook and the other pirates but he also is an extremely cocky child. Peter Pan does not want to grow up, he is SO avoiding responsibilities. (Note he is a boy, definitely not your man yet).

Pros: Imaginative, adventurous, heroic and fun.

Cons: Cocky, avoids responsibilities and illegal.

For people who hate Disney: Pests an old, one handed, pirate to death. Rude!