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Monthly Archives: November 2011

Reinvention of the Wardrobe on a budget!

Everyone has those days where they just look at their closet and exclaims “I have nothing to wear!” And to add just more angst to your fashion dilemma, your wallet has cobwebs. No splurging for you! Don’t fret. There are fun ways to re-vamp your closet.

These websites are God-sends for fashionistas. They will help you with tutorials and inspiration.

A cheap way to get new clothes is to create new ones out of old ones. Turn old jeans into mini skirts or patched jean jackets. Take old shirts and make them into scarves. You can make larger shirts into small tee’s that fit your body. You can turn almost anything, any material into a purse. Take your old jackets or shirts and turn them into wickedly, cool vests.



As any well-dressed woman knows makeup is an accessory. Sometimes it is needed other times not. What every girl needs in her makeup bag are these essentials.

Eyeliner – get brown or black. Some girls look “hard” when wearing black eyeliner so go for the softer color brown. 
Eye shadow – black and white go with everything! Plus have those colors the pop your eyes!  
Lipstick – every woman should have her signature color. Mine is red. 
moisturizer – Keeps your skin healthy! 
cleanser – Prevents zits and clogged pores. 
concealer – If you are like me, you need this! I have some dark circles under my eyes. 
foundation – Some girls needs this because they are blotchy or have uneven skin tones. 

I think mascara is gross! Do not wear it. It is so unhealthy and mascara lice exists.


The perfect smokey eye! 

Dance and Theatre Under garments, oh my!

As a woman I feel one needs a variety of underwear and bras; especially if you are in the fine arts. If you do musicals you have a plethora of undergarments because there are so many needed for different dresses and dances. I feel these are the basics.

One should invest in:
black bloomers
tan bloomers
nude pantyhose
tan character shoes
black character shoes
a nude one piece (leotard)
a supportive bra that you can dance in; mind you sports bras not allowed.

Those are the basics that I feel are needed. Some girls include spanks, corsets and body pieces. But I do not wear those items.

Other clothing I feel dancers and actors should have include leggings, tights, pairs upon pairs of shorts, jumpers, more leotards, head bands, required shoes and lots of tight dance shirts.

Winter Gear!

November 10th was the first day of snow in Fort Wayne! Yesterday it came out of nowhere and then disappeared. It was like it never existed; made me laugh. Winter is definitely here. So how does one look cute and be warm? Invest in multiple coats. If your bank account disagrees invest in a black coat. Black goes with everything.

But if you can buy more than one coat; do. Have that fancy coat for galas and dates.

Have the play coat, the one that get dirty and be played in, in the snow.

Have the “it is not quite cold enough for my wool coat” coat. Have a bright coat for those gloomy, cold days. It will help you perk up and make others smile.

Now certain people should wear certain coats. Short people majority of the times should NOT wear long coats. This just makes look shorter. Tall people should not wear short coats; it makes your legs look comically long.

ALSO winter gear accessories are needed to protect yourself but why not make them look cute. However there does come that point in winter where it is so cold, fashion does have to take a seat back. But until that time be cute!

Gloves are a great way to accessorize along with scarves and hats. Try to match your coat with you accessories. Sometimes this is hard but at least get colors that compliment each other.

Why don’t I wear you? Oh now I remember!

Do you ever see a cute pair of pants or a shirt you forget about in your closet? Then you ask yourself, “Why don’t I wear this?” You put it on and it looks fantastic but half way through your day you remember why you never wear it. My pants are too tight! Yes, this morning I found cute business casual pants in my closet. I had forgotten about them. Put them on, they fit and were cute. Of course now my lower half is constricted and I can not wait to change!

This is why it is important to go through your closet at least 2  times every year, once before the fall and once before spring. It helps de-clutter your closet and make room for newer and cuter clothes. This helps keep your style ever changing and not becoming dull. No one wants a dull closet!!

Cute and Comfy

There are those days when one wants to just wear their pajamas but they have to get dressed up and look presentable. However, it is possible to be cute and comfy! The best way to look cute and be comfortable is jeans! JEANS!

Invest in dark-colored jeans; they make everyone look great and put together. The darker the jean the better, they instantly slim someone down. Pick a cute shirt that makes your skin and eyes glow. My three go to colors are black, blue and pink. Now that you have your shirt and your pants. Shoes; shoes are important! Wear those cute gym shoes, the ones that really aren’t gym shoes but the look it. Or wear flats that have some spunk to them.

You could even wear boots. Leggings are another great comfy and cute attire a fashionista must have. Leggings can be dressed up and dressed down. They are versatile and comfortable. You can wear a classy, soft sweater with leggings and look very  professional; paired with flat black boots. Instant hit!

Xanadu, and clothes of course!

I am in the musical Xanadu at the University of Saint Francis! The musical  is based off the movie Xanadu with Olivia Newton-John. It is much, much better  than the film, the musical was Tony nominated in 2007. Not only am I in it, I play Erato, muse of lyrics and erotica, but I am also the fashion coordinator. These two parts of the musical have been so fun for me! In the musical there is traditional Greek  Muse/Goddess dresses; the typical white dresses with pleats in them and empire  waists. Some have flowing arms while others has one sleeve. Some have splashes of  colors on them. Plus we get to wear 80s accessories. We will be wearing leg  warmers, head bands and BIG hair. There is a song called “Dancin” which features  80s and 40s fashion! Xanadu’s opening night is November 11th, Friday. The  house opens at 7:30pm and the show starts at 8pm. Admission is free for USF  students with ID. General admission is $10, however, if you bring in canned goods for our Food Drive tickets are only $5. Our other performances are:

November 12th, Saturday – 8pm
November 13th, Sunday – 2pm
November 18th, Friday – 8pm
November 19th, Saturday – 8pm
November 20th, Sunday – 2pm

You will love the fashion and the performance!!