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Monthly Archives: October 2011

Jade is Small

Jade is Small

My morning was too eventful! lol. So I woke up 30 minutes late; had to get everything I needed for my 15 hour day ahead of me plus I had to wear business casual which to my surprise does not include leggings. : (. Well behold!! ALL of my pants are at my dads so I had my choice of summer dress, another summer dress or another summer dress OR my way too authentic 1950s pencil skirt; which is meant to be worn for like 2 hours. Yeap I am wearing it! So along with my bookbag, yes I now have to wear a bookbag and my 20 pound purse, I walk to USF. So my lungs can be filled with tire burning toxins and the great outdoors. Mind you I am still in a pencil skirt that is anti-breathing. I am also wearing rain boots, because why not make it rain on this day! THEN an old’s lady’s dog, who is not on a leash, runs to me and starts barking! SCARY! The little lady, who is shorter than me, simply tells the dog SPARKIE, who is a beast, to let the little girl pass to get to school. I am like what the heck are you going to do when this dog starts gnawing on me!? SOOOOOOOO after all this I come to my last and most challenging part of my morning. I cross a creek to get to USF. Yes please read that again; little white girly girl crosses creek in pencil skirt! God has a wicked sense of humor. I hope I brought you some entertainment for the day. : }

BUT I looked good while doing this. That is what counts; well at least for my blog. When running late and needing to look great appear on the same morning. Resort to the pencil skirt; this is why your legs should always be shaved ladies. A pencil skirt instantly makes a woman have an hour glass figure and look classy. Every girl should have at least one. Now be warned that pencil skirts are meant for sitting and standing. DO not wear these for clubs or days which require a lot of movement. They are meant to look cute; that is their purpose.

Hello world!

Hey! This is my first blog ever. I am excited to be writing it. For the next few months I will be writing about the University of Saint Francis’ fashion. I am going to show you how all our different students dress and accessorize throughout Indiana’s “4 seasons in one day” weather. Seriously, there was a time on Monday I was sun burnt and Wednesday it was snowing. Anyways, I am going to give you helpful tips about dressing and style especially if you are busy. If your schedule is anything like mine, I understand how hard it is to pick out an outfit. I have to dress up 4 out of the 5 days while I am at school. I have my work study job and my apprenticeship, both which require a dress of business casual. At night I have musical rehearsal which includes some hard core dance moves plus I walk to school; so I have to avoid the rain, snow, heat, cold and the creek I cross; yes I walk into a creek to get to school. And on top of all these fashion challenges I am broke as broke can be. So trust me when I say I know how to make you look good with challenges of all kinds.