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Monthly Archives: January 2012

Reflecting on Ugly Days and Fashion Mistakes.

Image Too TIGHT!

Every fashionista has those “days.” You wake up 30 minutes late. Your hair is on a mission to do everything opposite you want it to do. Your makeup bag hides itself from you. Your shoes are uncomfortable. Your slacks are wrinkled. Your outfit looked better at home than at work/class. Yeah…

However when I get home from my fashion blunder of a day, I am thankful for those days. They are important. They make us grateful for the days where we look in the mirror and say “hot”! I truly believe women have to look bad sometimes to be beautiful. A girl who looks good every day is not to be trusted; she’s a cyborg!

I am grateful for every bad outfit I ever wore because it taught me fast what looks good and what doesn’t. Fashion is always about risk taking. Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose.

A time I LOST!

I am 4’11. I have a toned body. My legs, specifically my calves, are bigger than a lot of guys’. Not only do I have those obstacles, but I am curvy. It seems all petite stores assume if you are short you must be flat and have little hips. That is so not my case. The two evils in my life are shorts and capris. I can never find any that fit me right and make me look cute. Well, in highschool I thought I found gauchos that fit me. They were “in” at the time.

My mother told me not to get them, but as a teen I thought I knew “everything”, so I didn’t listen to her. I was excited to show off my new purchase. I wore these light-colored gauchos with my black knee high boots UNDER the pants. Not a good look for short people. (Wearing boots over pants? Great for short people!) Anyways, on top I wore a white tank with a black shirt over. Now this black shirt was not school appropriate because it didn’t have a “back” but I wanted to wear it so badly. So I wore this tank under it, which fit me really weird because it shrank. But I was on a missions to wear this outfit. So at school, not only did I have my legs look like they were cut in two, but it looked like I was wearing not one, but two shirts that did not fit me. I wish I had taken a pic of this outfit because it was the worst outfit I had ever worn!

No object is so beautiful that, under certain conditions, it will not look ugly.” – Oscar Wilde

My Fashion Inspirations

Every person has their fashion inspirations. Those people/movies/events,etc who inspire us to push our heel height, try new clothes and push the boundaries we all shallowly put on ourselves. These ten have inspired my wardrobe the the past 4 years, some longer than that.

1. Carrie Bradshaw – I was 8 when this show first came out on HBO. My mother didn’t let her little one watch it, for obvious reasons. I actually did not discover my love for Sex and the City until college. With all the all-nighters, one has entertain themselves somehow. I turned on my tv and there were re-runs of Sex and the City. I was instantly hooked. Carrie wore these bold, sexy outfits. She’d pair things together I never imagined pairing,  AND all those cute shoes had me drooling. Another subtle thing I noticed about Carrie were her necklaces, specifically one, her Carrie necklace. The fact that my name is Jade means there are not a lot of necklaces that have my name. When I was little, even before Carrie, I use to look for necklaces with MY name on them all the time. I would get so frustrated. FINALLY I got one.


2. Vogue – I have been buying the magazine Vogue since I was 13 years old. Its pages are always full of magic and inspiration. Honestly half of what I know about fashion can be contributed to reading Vogue. This is just one of those words that you utter and a strong semantic comes with it.


3. Barbie – One of the greatest fashionistas of all time. Barbie has had the blessing of being able to be whoever she wants. She takes whatever path desired. Barbie has had 53 years to know what works and what doesn’t. Barbie tries everything at least once, as all fashion lovers should. Barbie gets a lot of crap and negativity when it comes to young girls’ body image. Well au contraire  Barbie helped me with my body image. I started developing early. I was 9 years old. I was so embarassed to get boobs. However Barbie had big boobs so it was okay if I did too.


4. Lady Gaga – I had Lady Gaga on my MP3 before she became popular. I am so proud. (It is the little things in life.) Her first song I ever listened to was “Just Dance”. I thought it was a great pop song. I love to dance so that song fit me perfectly. Who knew that this singer would turn into one of the biggest stars and fashion icons ever? Lady Gaga’s fearlessness and obscure outfits inspire me. I do not like all of what she wears but the fact she wears it without letting others get her down, is what truly inspires me. I have noticed in myself that I am more brave in what I wear and much more confident.


5. Christian Dior – I first heard of him when I was 7 or 8 years old. I found an ad for the Dior perfume Hypnotic that I absolutely loved. I loved it so much I kept it in my treasure box. Over the years I always liked to look up Dior. Eventually in high school I took a fashion class in which we had to write a research paper about one designer and mimic one of his designs for your own. I obviously picked Christian Dior. He created the “New Look”. It was introduced in 1945 but defined the 50’s. Since then Dior has been a powerhouse name in fashion.



6. Chanel – Some people believe you can’t love both Chanel and Dior. I laugh at them because I can and I do. Chanel has changed its face over the decades but that’s why I love it so much. One minute Chanel is a classy, modest feminine suit, next it is a rock anthem with punk elements! And at supper, it turns into a romantic gown with luxurious accessories; all while maintaining its respective reputation. Chanel is a chameleon. Being a chameleon is very fashionable in my opinion. I believe one’s style should be able to embrace more than one stereotype or manner. No one should ever be able to pin your interests in books and music, etc by what you wear. Keep them guessing.


7. Rihanna – She has the cool, sexy Cali style down to a patent. Every time I see her she is wearing the newest trend effortlessly. She understands the concept of “if you got it, flaunt it”. She is also a risk taker not only with her clothes but with her hair. I appreciate this because I have had corn rows, a faux hawk, an extremely short pixie cut, 80’s BIG style and a spiral perm. I like experimenting with my hair. Most women keep the same style over the years because they are too afraid something won’t work. My advice? It grows back!


8. A Clockwork Orange – One of my favorite books and movies. Tres violent, but fashion-wise? Delicious! Milena Canonero was the costume designer for ACO, her work can also be seen in Marie Antoinette (which she won an Oscar for!), the Shining, Godfather part III, etc. Who would have thought an all white outfit with suspenders and a bowler hat would be so memorable and copied? I wanted my first bowler since I was 17. I finally got one when I was 21. They are hard to find in the area I live; and I wanted an authentic one made out of wool.

P.S. Every other costume is beautiful and equally desired but this one is THE one that is the most coveted.


9. My hometown – I live in Fort Wayne, Indiana. It has the possibility of snowing 8 months here. Thank God I love autumn/winter fashion more than spring/summer. This hurts me to admit but sometimes one has to wear clothes that aren’t the most fashionable but comfortable. When there is that much snow and you are freezing you have to protect your body from the cold and wetness. Usually I bring a change of clothes, which can be irritating. I’d rather be cold than hot so I won’t complain too much.


10. My Grandma – My grandma, whom we called Mams, introduced me to fashion. She died when I was 9 years old of brain cancer, but her impact on me was profound. I remember looking at L.S. Ayres and Sears catalogs with her and picking out our favorite outfits. She also had these paperdolls  from the 30s, 40s, and 50s. We would play with them for hours. She introduced me to big rings before they were in, 1950’s clothes, Barbie, fashion magazines and dress up clothes. Of course now looking back she probably got me those play clothes so I would stop wearing hers. I used to try on all of her clothes and shoes, every time I went to her house, which was every Sunday. She was and is my greatest fashion icon.


When You Might Have A Clothing Addiction!

I have decided that I might have a clothing problem…obsession…addiction?

I was cleaning my room (and I’m still in the process of cleaning it) I have slowly come to the realization that one small girl does not need 16 pairs of sunglasses. (It was 17 but one broke.)

Yea… at first I rationalized that I need each of them to go with all sorts of outfits I might create. Then I realized I had 7 black sunglasses. There are only so many blacks. : /

I then discovered more purses within my magically never ending drawers. Some I haven’t used in years. I haven’t counted them yet.

THEN, I found 5 boxes of jewelry.


More clues pointing towards my fashion obsession:

1. My Vogue Magazines overtook my bookshelves, where I am suppose to have text books.

2.  I have 3 dressers and 2 closets full of clothes.

3. I still have 3 BIG loads of laundry to put away on top of all that ^.

4. I have clothing items with tags still on them.

5. I may even call my clean-house-let’s-throw-everything-away-type-mother to help.

SO I have decided that if I wanted to purchase something I must get rid of 5 items of clothing/accessories before I can buy OR pay $10 to a charity.

One charity is about to get rich from my bank account.