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Reflection Upon 28 Day Challenge

So looking over my 28 days of fall fashion. I have learned I really love cardigans and jackets. I also wear a lot of black, which I knew before. Literally 75% of my closet is black. I wear my black boots a lot. I wish I would incorporate more of my accessories and eccentric style. I need to work on that. I also want to start wearing more jewelry.

I am a little bummed I couldn’t post daily because I don’t have internet but I am happy I did it all 28 days. ūüôā

ALSO if you are following my blog, AWESOME!

But I will be COMBINING this fashion blog with my new blog that will soon be a website. So if you like reading my stuff. Follow me on this new blog:

I won’t be combining them until April 2. Therefore y’all have some time. ūüôā


Reflecting on Ugly Days and Fashion Mistakes.

Image Too TIGHT!

Every¬†fashionista has those “days.” You wake up 30 minutes late. Your hair is on a mission to do everything opposite you want it to do. Your makeup bag¬†hides itself from you. Your shoes are uncomfortable. Your slacks are wrinkled.¬†Your outfit looked better at home than at work/class. Yeah…

However when I get home from my fashion blunder of a day, I am¬†thankful for¬†those days. They¬†are important. They make us grateful for the days where we look in the mirror and say “hot”! I truly believe women have to look bad sometimes¬†to be beautiful. A girl who looks good every day is not to be trusted; she’s a cyborg!

I am grateful for every bad outfit I ever wore¬†because it taught me fast what looks good and what doesn’t. Fashion is always about risk taking. Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose.

A time I LOST!

I am 4’11. I have a¬†toned body. My legs, specifically my calves, are bigger than a lot of guys’. Not only do I have those obstacles, but¬†I am curvy. It seems all petite stores assume if you are short you must be flat and¬†have little hips. That is so not my case.¬†The two evils in my life are shorts and capris. I can never find any that fit me right and make me look cute. Well, in highschool I thought I found gauchos that fit me. They were “in” at the time.

My mother told me not to get them, but as a teen I thought I knew “everything”, so I didn’t listen to her. I was excited to show off my new purchase. I wore these light-colored gauchos with my black knee high boots¬†UNDER the pants. Not a good look for short people. (Wearing boots over pants? Great for short people!) Anyways, on top I wore a white tank with a black shirt over. Now this black shirt was not school appropriate because it didn’t have a “back” but I wanted to wear it so badly. So I wore this tank under it, which fit me really weird because it shrank. But I was on a missions¬†to wear this outfit.¬†So at school, not only did I have my legs look like they were cut in two, but it looked like¬†I was wearing¬†not one, but two shirts that did not fit me.¬†I wish I had taken a pic of this outfit because it was the worst outfit I had ever worn!

‚ÄúNo object is so beautiful that, under certain conditions, it will not look ugly.‚ÄĚ – Oscar Wilde