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Reflection Upon 28 Day Challenge

So looking over my 28 days of fall fashion. I have learned I really love cardigans and jackets. I also wear a lot of black, which I knew before. Literally 75% of my closet is black. I wear my black boots a lot. I wish I would incorporate more of my accessories and eccentric style. I need to work on that. I also want to start wearing more jewelry.

I am a little bummed I couldn’t post daily because I don’t have internet but I am happy I did it all 28 days. 🙂

ALSO if you are following my blog, AWESOME!

But I will be COMBINING this fashion blog with my new blog that will soon be a website. So if you like reading my stuff. Follow me on this new blog:

I won’t be combining them until April 2. Therefore y’all have some time. 🙂

Reflecting on Ugly Days and Fashion Mistakes.

Image Too TIGHT!

Every fashionista has those “days.” You wake up 30 minutes late. Your hair is on a mission to do everything opposite you want it to do. Your makeup bag hides itself from you. Your shoes are uncomfortable. Your slacks are wrinkled. Your outfit looked better at home than at work/class. Yeah…

However when I get home from my fashion blunder of a day, I am thankful for those days. They are important. They make us grateful for the days where we look in the mirror and say “hot”! I truly believe women have to look bad sometimes to be beautiful. A girl who looks good every day is not to be trusted; she’s a cyborg!

I am grateful for every bad outfit I ever wore because it taught me fast what looks good and what doesn’t. Fashion is always about risk taking. Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose.

A time I LOST!

I am 4’11. I have a toned body. My legs, specifically my calves, are bigger than a lot of guys’. Not only do I have those obstacles, but I am curvy. It seems all petite stores assume if you are short you must be flat and have little hips. That is so not my case. The two evils in my life are shorts and capris. I can never find any that fit me right and make me look cute. Well, in highschool I thought I found gauchos that fit me. They were “in” at the time.

My mother told me not to get them, but as a teen I thought I knew “everything”, so I didn’t listen to her. I was excited to show off my new purchase. I wore these light-colored gauchos with my black knee high boots UNDER the pants. Not a good look for short people. (Wearing boots over pants? Great for short people!) Anyways, on top I wore a white tank with a black shirt over. Now this black shirt was not school appropriate because it didn’t have a “back” but I wanted to wear it so badly. So I wore this tank under it, which fit me really weird because it shrank. But I was on a missions to wear this outfit. So at school, not only did I have my legs look like they were cut in two, but it looked like I was wearing not one, but two shirts that did not fit me. I wish I had taken a pic of this outfit because it was the worst outfit I had ever worn!

“No object is so beautiful that, under certain conditions, it will not look ugly.” – Oscar Wilde