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Reflection Upon 28 Day Challenge

So looking over my 28 days of fall fashion. I have learned I really love cardigans and jackets. I also wear a lot of black, which I knew before. Literally 75% of my closet is black. I wear my black boots a lot. I wish I would incorporate more of my accessories and eccentric style. I need to work on that. I also want to start wearing more jewelry.

I am a little bummed I couldn’t post daily because I don’t have internet but I am happy I did it all 28 days. 🙂

ALSO if you are following my blog, AWESOME!

But I will be COMBINING this fashion blog with my new blog that will soon be a website. So if you like reading my stuff. Follow me on this new blog:

I won’t be combining them until April 2. Therefore y’all have some time. 🙂