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Fabulous Fashion in Fourteen Films

Here are some of my favorite fashions in films. These 14 movies are ones I love watching and they have such glamour to each of them.

1. Clueless

I feel everyone wants Cher’s closet and her outfit app on her computer (of course updated). Yes it is the 90′s but I envy almost every outfit each girl wears. And it is a modernized Emma! Cute film with cuter outfits.

2. Scarface

The main focus for fashion in this film is on Elvira (played by Michelle Pfeiffer). She dresses impeccable, even for small errands. Tony Montana (played by Al Pacino, my fav) looks incredibly good in black. His last outfit is an all black suit, sharp!

3. A Clockwork Orange

I advise people to look this film up before watching it. However Milena Canonero, an amazing costume designer, was in charge of this film’s fashion. And you could forget the gang’s attire: all white, bowler hats and black boots with eye makeup. Some of Lady Gaga’s ensembles are influenced by this film.

4. Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Audrey Heburn’s LBD designed by Givenchy will be forever famous. Even though that outfit is the most famous the character of Holly always dresses to the nines. Classic fashion!

5. Funny Face

Another Audrey Hepburn film! In this movie we learn how to wear the all black outfit with flats! There is a scene where she is running down stairs in a photo shoot, she wears the prettiest red dress.

6. Devil Wears Prada

Miranda Priestly’s has a montage of coats and bags, I want them all! The other assistant played by Emily Blunt always looks good throughout the film. Anne Hathaway’s character learns to dress but the winning outfit is when she is waiting for her boyfriend by his car, HOT!

7. Moulin Rouge

A romantic, bohemian, theatrical dream put into a movie! The entire movie is like eye candy for adults. What isn’t to love? Ewan McGregor dressed down or up. Nicole Kidman’s dresses and costumes. Even the extras are damn well dressed!

8. Chicago


It’s the 1920′s. IT’S THE 1920′s!!!

I rest my case.

9. Godfather II

Men wear what Michael Corleone wears! Just don’t do what he does.

10. Legally Blonde

If your favorite color is pink this is your movie. I wish I had as much fashion energy as Elle has. My favorite outfit of hers is her “nerd” outfit. The one se wears on the first day of class. She wears her cute glasses with her offbeat blazer and her hair slicked back. Elle’s most important accessory though is her smile and Chihuahua, Bruiser.

11. Cabaret

I mean just look at that outfit above. All I want to do is wear skimpy black outfits and dance like Fosse. A trend Liza’s character had before her time was long, green nails. And who could forget her fur coat?!

12. Nine

I think the most important fashion aspect to this film is every body type and age can be sexy. All 7 women in this film are very different from each other.

13. The First Wives Club

All 3 women in this movie are awesome! They each have their own style. I think this film depicts women the way they really are. My favorite outfits are when they all wear white in the end! Also Sarah Jessica Parker and Maggie Smith’s characters have good fashion vibes too!

14. The Tourist

Maybe it is because Angelina Jolie is wearing all the outfits, but seriously every outfit she wears in this movie I want in my closet! Every outfit oozes sex appeal and glamour.


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I am a short girl who likes writing and clothes. I love theatre, fashion, writing and business. I like to think I am highly entertaining.

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  1. Hmm. Some of my favorite films here. I wonder if I like them partly because of the glamour? Nice post. Thank you.

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