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Day 13 – 19

So I went on my trip to West Virginia with some of my friends! It was extremely fun! We went white water rafting, hiking, swimming and some minor, impromptu rock climbing. Then Fort Wayne had a lil tornado and a storm that knocked out some electricity. So result…here is a weeks worth of outfits.

DAY 13 (day 1 of trip)


Image Image

DAY 14 (day 2 of trip)






Day 14 is the middle of my 28 day challenge. Reflection time! Anyone who knows me knows I love fall fashion. I love fall. Therefore deductive reasoning would lead us to Jadeissmall isn’t big on summer or summer fashion. I am always challenged during the summer to be fashionable. That and it is hotter in Indiana than it is in Florida. The other day we reached 109 degrees! Conclusion number 1 do 28 Day Challenge during the fall to redeem myself. Conclusion number 2 move to a place that’s cold. Conclusion number 3 fix my summer clothes.

DAY 15 (3rd day of trip)

Today was the day we went White Water Rafting.



DAY 16 (last day of trip)


DAY 17


I got a tee shirt from Ace Adventure’s gift shop. Right now it is at my moms in the laundry. It is this same blue but says “Paddle Harder: I’m a very naughty girl”. I wore it that day.

DAY 18


Today I finally saw the Avengers, in the air conditioned place with electricity! : )

It was good but being a DC fan……yea…..The Dark Knight was better!!!!!!!!!!!!!


DAY 19


It is very hot again. I didn’t feel like wearing a shirt. I’m also very tan.



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I am a short girl who likes writing and clothes. I love theatre, fashion, writing and business. I like to think I am highly entertaining.

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