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Day 1

Day 1
The “I had to get ready in 15 minutes” look (including shower)


Jean shorts with an old college tee shirt.
I was in a hurry today obviously! I was running late and I wanted to make my doctor’s appointment on time. I am glad I wore an outfit I didn’t care about however. Why? I tend to “panic” when it comes to blood and needles. Today I had to get blood work done. : (
I ended up passing out and vomiting. They wheel chaired me to a bed where I could lie down. Ughhh! I try not to be dramatic everywhere I go, alas even the doctor’s office needs some Jade drama. My life is a sitcom. A crazy, entertaining sitcom that no ones knows the script to and we’re live. Good news! I had all these shenanigans happen after all the blood was drew so there is no need for a re-draw. Not like I would ever get my blood drawn anyways!


I thought my feet looked cute today. : )
Nail polish is Finger Paint’s Maroon.


The best part of my outfit. My watch ring. I got it from a vintage shop called S’all Good. It is located in my hometown Fort Wayne. If you are ever here you check it out. It’s eclectic. There are definitely hidden gems among the store. My ring being one of them.

P.S. Today was Anne Frank’s birthday. Read her diary.


About jade is small

I am a short girl who likes writing and clothes. I love theatre, fashion, writing and business. I like to think I am highly entertaining.

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