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I am doing my apprenticeship right now; and its attire is business casual. Which got me thinking what business casual really is. Earlier I found out leggings don’t count which cleared out my closet of what I could wear real fast! I had to wear a lot of dresses and skirts before buying charcoal and grey slacks. I refuse to wear khakis. Being more aware of what business wear is I began to look at other women’s clothing in the business world or during presentations. Most women want to obtain this look but always mess it up one way or another.

Top Ten Business Casual Attire Mess Ups

1. Wearing the wrong shoes with a great outfit. Shoes matter. People notice them. I have seen so many people with great outfits then at the end are hideous shoes or gym shoes.

This woman’s outfit is beautiful. Her shoes are cute BUT they do not go together. All I can focus on are her pants tucked into her shoes. And yes tank tops can be worn as business wear; just make them appropriate.

2. Wearing too big of sweaters. I understand sweaters are a great go to for business wear but for the love of God make sure it fits and makes you assets look good! This woman’s sweater is too big making her look bigger than she is.

3. Too tight of clothing. We have all seen the man or woman who has worn too tight of pants. It is a train wreck. You don’t want to look but… wear pants that fit your bod, please!
4. Thinking you can’t be girly or trendy while working. You can be feminine and appropriate. You do not have to wear menswear to be a business woman. You can be trendy and formal.
5. Hair is usually the first thing we see on people. Make sure it is brushed, washed, kept maintained. No one wants to be known as the associate with bad hair.
6. White socks never should be worn! There is not an outfit or shoe that is appropriate for business that requires you to wear white socks.
7. Do not show mid-riff or cleavage! That’s it, just don’t do it!
8. Skirts, pants, hem that are too short! High-waters are ugly, watch your hem. And if your short (like me) make sure you’re not dragging 4 inches of pants on the ground. It looks sloppy. Also, if you can wear that skirt and it makes your lover happy… don’t wear it to work!
9. Nails and hands. In the business world you will shake thousands of people’s hands. You don’t want your hands dry, cracked or clammy and you certainly don’t want you nails dirty or miles long.
10. Hygiene! Brush your teeth, wear deodorant, bathe and shave! These are the basics, do them.

Here are some examples of great clothes to wear at work.






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I am a short girl who likes writing and clothes. I love theatre, fashion, writing and business. I like to think I am highly entertaining.

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