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Reinvention of the Wardrobe on a budget!

Everyone has those days where they just look at their closet and exclaims “I have nothing to wear!” And to add just more angst to your fashion dilemma, your wallet has cobwebs. No splurging for you! Don’t fret. There are fun ways to re-vamp your closet.

These websites are God-sends for fashionistas. They will help you with tutorials and inspiration.

A cheap way to get new clothes is to create new ones out of old ones. Turn old jeans into mini skirts or patched jean jackets. Take old shirts and make them into scarves. You can make larger shirts into small tee’s that fit your body. You can turn almost anything, any material into a purse. Take your old jackets or shirts and turn them into wickedly, cool vests.



About jade is small

I am a short girl who likes writing and clothes. I love theatre, fashion, writing and business. I like to think I am highly entertaining.

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