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Winter Gear!

November 10th was the first day of snow in Fort Wayne! Yesterday it came out of nowhere and then disappeared. It was like it never existed; made me laugh. Winter is definitely here. So how does one look cute and be warm? Invest in multiple coats. If your bank account disagrees invest in a black coat. Black goes with everything.

But if you can buy more than one coat; do. Have that fancy coat for galas and dates.

Have the play coat, the one that get dirty and be played in, in the snow.

Have the “it is not quite cold enough for my wool coat” coat. Have a bright coat for those gloomy, cold days. It will help you perk up and make others smile.

Now certain people should wear certain coats. Short people majority of the times should NOT wear long coats. This just makes look shorter. Tall people should not wear short coats; it makes your legs look comically long.

ALSO winter gear accessories are needed to protect yourself but why not make them look cute. However there does come that point in winter where it is so cold, fashion does have to take a seat back. But until that time be cute!

Gloves are a great way to accessorize along with scarves and hats. Try to match your coat with you accessories. Sometimes this is hard but at least get colors that compliment each other.


About jade is small

I am a short girl who likes writing and clothes. I love theatre, fashion, writing and business. I like to think I am highly entertaining.

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