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Cute and Comfy

There are those days when one wants to just wear their pajamas but they have to get dressed up and look presentable. However, it is possible to be cute and comfy! The best way to look cute and be comfortable is jeans! JEANS!

Invest in dark-colored jeans; they make everyone look great and put together. The darker the jean the better, they instantly slim someone down. Pick a cute shirt that makes your skin and eyes glow. My three go to colors are black, blue and pink. Now that you have your shirt and your pants. Shoes; shoes are important! Wear those cute gym shoes, the ones that really aren’t gym shoes but the look it. Or wear flats that have some spunk to them.

You could even wear boots. Leggings are another great comfy and cute attire a fashionista must have. Leggings can be dressed up and dressed down. They are versatile and comfortable. You can wear a classy, soft sweater with leggings and look very  professional; paired with flat black boots. Instant hit!

About jade is small

I am a short girl who likes writing and clothes. I love theatre, fashion, writing and business. I like to think I am highly entertaining.

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