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Hello world!

Hey! This is my first blog ever. I am excited to be writing it. For the next few months I will be writing about the University of Saint Francis’ fashion. I am going to show you how all our different students dress and accessorize throughout Indiana’s “4 seasons in one day” weather. Seriously, there was a time on Monday I was sun burnt and Wednesday it was snowing. Anyways, I am going to give you helpful tips about dressing and style especially if you are busy. If your schedule is anything like mine, I understand how hard it is to pick out an outfit. I have to dress up 4 out of the 5 days while I am at school. I have my work study job and my apprenticeship, both which require a dress of business casual. At night I have musical rehearsal which includes some hard core dance moves plus I walk to school; so I have to avoid the rain, snow, heat, cold and the creek I cross; yes I walk into a creek to get to school. And on top of all these fashion challenges I am broke as broke can be. So trust me when I say I know how to make you look good with challenges of all kinds.


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